LIVING with Chronic pain and illness

Embracing the joy and the sorrow


Do you live with chronic pain or illness? Do you feel alone or isolated due to your struggles with pain and illness? Do you feel like your friends and family have a hard time understanding your experience? If so, the LIVING group may be just what you need!

LIVING is a monthly support group for adults living with chronic pain and other chronic illnesses and conditions. What makes this group unique is the focus on LIVING instead of symptom management. Chronic conditions take an extraordinary amount of energy to manage, energy we might not always have. When most of our time and energy are spent coping with symptoms, it can be easy for the things that are important to us to fall by the wayside. This group makes space for the entire experience of living with chronicity and helps you embrace not only the joyful moments, but also the sorrowful moments, and helps you reclaim things you may have lost along the way. Things like: hobbies and activities, friendships and other relationships, physical movement and exercise, healthy eating, laughter and play and so much more!

Join Heather at the Center for Mindful Use on the third Tuesday of every month to support, encourage and uplift each other as we navigate the jungle we call chronic pain and illness.

“Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation;
it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.”

                           —Michael J. Fox

Who is this group for?

Anyone 18+ who is living with chronic pain, a chronic illness or other chronic conditions.

What will happen there?

LIVING is a non-judgmental space to share your experiences in living with chronic conditions with others living with chronic conditions. You will give and receive support, encouragement, resources and compassion.

Where are meetings held?

At the Center for Mindful Use (CMU), which is located at 100 Maple Street, Suite B. Located behind Satori; cross the rainbow bridge and go under the tree of life.

When are meetings held?

The third Tuesday of every Month, beginning October 16th, 2018, from 5:55 PM to 7:00 PM.

How much does it cost?

Donations of $5 to $20 are graciously appreciated and help the group continue! However, ALL ARE WELCOME, regardless of ability to pay.

Why is this needed and/or helpful?

Living with chronic conditions, particularly when they are invisible, can be difficult, isolating and confusing.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Come join us and share, talk, cry and yes, even laugh.